Stefan Blonk | CV
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Stefan Blonk, 30-01-2014 (45) R0,6

I started my first hornlessons with Ab Koster in The Hague Holland and studied at the royal conservatory with Piet Schijf. Followed by a few years with Hermann Baumann in Essen, Germany.

Already during his studies I combined playing the modern valve horn with the natural horn. This combination I continued in my professional live, playing as first horn with the Arnhem Philharmonic and with the orchestra of the 18th century. Since 2013 I became free lance. In this way I’m able to play more on old horns. I play in many different orchestras and groups in Europe. The Orchestra of the eighteenth century, Apolle ensemble and the Haydn Philharmonie to name a few.

I’ve always been rather keen on playing as a soloist and chamber musician. Played many times as soloist with the Arnhem Philharmonic. Now I play a horn and harp programm and a trio programm with violin and piano. With Riko Fukuda, piano and Franc Polman, violin we recorded the Brahms horn trio.

I teach at the conservatory of Zwolle (Artez school of the arts). Gave masterclasses in Brazil, Spain and Belgium and at the Amsterdam conservatory.

Besides I buy and sell old horns, like to write short stories and run trails.