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We sell period horns. Natural horns, baroque horns and early valve horns, playable in the early music scene. All horns are checked and repaired by Daniël Kunst, Klaus Fehr, Zoltan Juhasz or Roland de Wilde.
All instruments can be tested in Holland.
We are always looking for interesting instruments.

latest arrivals:


A Seraphinoff baroque  horn!  Baroque in fixed pitch F

The horn concerto music from Hermann Baumann. Over 25 concerti for horn and orchestra with the orchestra parts.


Two French anonymous natural horns from the 19th century. One corpus only the other has 6 crooks and a case

Selmer 1972 Thevet model double horn. As new!!

Single Alexander model 90/II in gold messing, almost 100 years old!

Juhasz mouthpieces on stock. nr 2 nr 4 and nr 7 (17, 17,5 and 18 mm)

Bohemian model natural horn, early 19th century from Hermann Baumann! sold

J. Gras piston horn ascending third valve

Hawks piston horn with F crook, nice one!

Wendler natural horn with F and Eb crooks

Gautrot natural horn with F crook and Sauterelle

Guichard with Stoelzel valves and painted bell

Cauwelaert two piston horn in Bb and F

Ullmann Leipzig F horn, early 20th century

Zoltan Juhasz baroque horns and classical natural horns

Couesnon early piston horn with lovely decorations and 4 crooks, sold

New product: crook bags, hand made. pictures on my site! We are working on gig-bags for baroque horn and natural horn. Specially made to make your travels easier. Coming soon!

My solo CD is out! Brahms, Beethoven and Rossini on natural horn. Order here or at hoornshop.com

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