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We sell period horns. Natural horns, baroque horns and early valve horns, playable in the early music scene. All horns are checked and repaired by Daniël Kunst, Martin Mürner or Roland de Wilde.
All instruments can be tested in Holland.
We are always looking for interesting instruments.

latest arrivals:


three Seraphinoff horns! Halari copy, Baroque in F and Raoux for-solo. Try them on IHS Gent Seraphinoff stand, buy them through me!

the complete collection of historic instruments of Hermann Baumann. 19 instruments, among them at least six jewels of our horn history! The brochure is available! Many pictures and background stories.

The horn concerto music from Hermann Baumann. Over 25 concerti for horn and orchestra with the orchestra parts.


Cauwelaert piston horn

Perinet trompe de chasse in D 1904! Perfect with case and mouthpiece. Baumann collection!

Meinl Vienna model natural horn

Hirsbrunner natural horn 1820. A Swiss made quality instrument! Restored by Martin Mürner. On site

A Wendler model Kruspe horn, from before WW2. New lead pipe and tight valves! coming soon, still in Bremen but ready for transport

Raoux/Millereau with sauterelle! On site

Bohemian model natural horn, early 19th century from Hermann Baumann!

Two Alexander natural horns, one in F one in Bb and their crooks from Hermann Baumann

Baroque horn Alexander in Bb alto, A alto and G . Hermann Baumann’s horn for high cantatas. 3000 euro

Hawks piston horn with F crook, nice one!

Adolph Sax cor solo, unique!

Halari natural with complete set

Hunting horn collection from early 19th. Century


My solo CD is out! Brahms, Beethoven and Rossini on natural horn. Order here or at

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